Customer Reviews

Years of use and testing has proven that XFT works.
But don’t just take our word for it.

Your engine will thank you.

This is insane: now 21.3 mpg up from 17 mpg. What a great product! It’s catching on….
If you're not using this product you're throwing money away."

– Jon-Michael P.

Normally I have to change the fuel filter, add two bottles of another product, and take her for a blast, but it appears that by using XFT she is now running cleaner than she ever has in the 12 years I've had her.”

- Alan L.

Before using XFT in my wife's 2009 Honda Pilot she was getting 15.5 mpg. After using XFT for about 2 months she is getting 20.2 mpg. This stuff really works. It sure is nice saving money."

– Steve C.

Anyone that drives a vehicle that requires premium fuel like Audi, BMW, Mercedes, etc., you’re wasting your money. I have been using XFT on all my vehicles for over 4 years with lower octane fuel, saving about $15 every fill up and getting better performance and fuel economy. Let’s get real—you don’t know what you’re getting for premium fuel from gas station to gas station, maybe a detergent. I spend $3, treat my own fuel, and pocket $12. It’s that simple."

– Philip R.

I have been driving a Trailblazer for over 4 years and never once has my mileage gone over 300 miles per tank. After using XFT my mileage jumped up to 365 per tank. I have even gotten up to as high as 445 mpg on highway driving. This increase in mileage and the ability to use the lower cost octane fuel saves me an average of $13.00 per fill up. I got my family and friends to also use XFT and they are experiencing similar results.”

- Brian N.

Since using Xtreme Fuel Treatment we have not had any failures in injector pumps or injectors. We use generators in pre-Olympic events and TV sporting events. In the 2002 Winter Olympics we were using 875 gallons of diesel fuel per day and after using XFT our fuel consumption dropped to 675 gallons of fuel per day. We have had generators come to us from other parts of the country that were not running real well. We added a double dose of Xtreme Fuel Treatment and within several hours the generators began running smoother. This is a great product that I recommend to everyone.”

- Dave P.

Over the past 6 months, we have used XFT in our official car (5 years in service) and power generating plant (4 years in service) with huge results. A full tank on the car gives about 200-220 km usage but with one fuel treatment we are now recording 350-400 km on a fuel tank! Similar results have also been seen in the generators now running at an additional 13-15 hours on a fuel tank from an earlier 8-10 hours.”

- P4PE Limited

After using XFT we saw significant savings and engine improvement in our fishing boat engine (Lister Blekston 550, hp 356 kW, year 1985, Linear Motor 8 cylinder, total of 6000 liters in tanks). Test data: The engine regularly consumed 6000 liters of fuel every four days, with an average consumption of 1500 liters per day. After the second treatment of XFT we were saving more than 60 liters per day, for an overall savings of about 250 liters of fuel in 6000 liters. In addition, every two years the engine of the vessel is regularly revised. Upon opening up the engine, we noticed that the condition of the internal parts were considerably cleaner than the last review."

- De Palma President, Association of Shipowners of the region of Molise

I have owned a 1998 Expedition since new and know every shake, rattle, and roll. I also know that I get anywhere from 10 to 12 miles per gallon depending on what I am hauling. After being able to drop octane from 89 to 85 and filling up my tank with 28 gallons I was astonished to realize that I got 14.4 miles per gallon. WOW!! I can hardly wait for the next application.”

- Al B.

Orange 94.5 FM AKURE is one of the leading radio stations in Nigeria. We started the operation of the station with two 500 KVA CAT Caterpillar Generators which are used alternately on a daily basis. We were introduced to XFT six months ago and the results have been impressive. We have experienced the following positive results:

  1. Reduced fuel consumption rate (on the average 38% savings every month)
  2. Real improvement in our generators' performance
  3. Reduction in the thickness of smoke emission”
- Orange 94.5 FM Radio Station
- Beulah Jamali – Zambia
- Mr. McPherson – Malawi
- Phillip Hazel – Jamaica
- Oteng Otuklie – Botswana